Young's Park
 is located somewhere inside Gunnerkrigg Court and is the setting of Chapter 24. It is named after Sir Young and has a monument to him. The park appears to be very misty, although Kat remarked on how bad the weather was, so it might just have been that.

It is looked after by Bob and Marcia Sutton and their laser cows.



The monument for Sir Young

The park has an exit with a railway station. The station is located far away from the center of the park, however.

In the center there is a small forest where the schoolkids set up their camp. The monument to Sir Young can also be found here, as well as the Sutton House.


According to Tom Siddell himself, the park and the cows takes inspiration from a park likely near his place of residence, though he did not state exactly which park. It might be Sutton Park.[1]