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Word of Tom regarding that big softie who tried to kill Annie.

General InfoEdit

How do you pronounce "Reynardine"?Edit

Renner-deen. [1]

Did Renard and Ysengrin know each other before Coyote found them? Edit

Yes. [2]

Where did Renard and Ysengrin live before they arrived at Gilitie?Edit

France. [3]

Is Reynardine just a mind without a body? Or is that sort of energy that surrounded him when he left Sivo a sort of unsustainable etherial body he still has? ... Did he have an original body that was taken away from him? (some sort of punishment for whatever crime he committed)Edit

What you saw when Reynardine left Sivo is all that currently remains of Reynardine. He did have an original body, yes. [4]

Can Rey go through glass?Edit

Not without shattering it. [5]

Is Reynardine pronounced "Rey-nar-deen" or "Rey-nar-dyne"?Edit

I gather both are correct, but personally I say Reh-ner-deen. [6]

Regarding Chapter 14, Page 34: Reynardine isn't just saying that for the sake of being snarky, is he?Edit

He was genuinely surprised. [7]

At this point, is Kat aware of Rey's all new improved wolf form?Edit

Yeah, she is. [8]

In Chapter 18, Page 19, is it Rey's eyes or antimony symbol that's glowing?Edit

His eyes. [9]

Should we assume that when Reynardine is not seen in scenes like the ones that occur during classes that he is in Annie's bag, or should we assume he was left in Annie's room?Edit

Annie usually leaves him in her room with instructions to not cause trouble or make noise. [10]

Would Renard like to have his old body back, or has he accepted that it's gone?Edit

He would very much like to go back to his flesh and blood body. [11]

Who did Reynardine meet first, Jones or Surma?Edit

Jones. [12]

Are Ysengrin and Reynardine so old and longevous as to be considered as "ageless" as Coyote?Edit

No, they are a lot younger than Coyote. [13]

How old are Reynardine and Coyote?Edit

Coyote doesn't have an age. Reynardine is only a few hundred years old. [14]

Who is older, Reynardine or Ysengrin?Edit

Ysengrin. [15]

Did Reynardine know about his power's price of killing his host when he first took over that man, or was it an accident on his part?Edit

He knew about it after trying it out on some animals in the forest. He used it on the man anyway. [16]

Who is handling their feelings about Surma's death better, Reynardine or Eglamore?Edit

Reynardine. [17]

What do you imagine Reynardine's voice and accent to be like?Edit

I imagine it to have a mild French accent, but that might not really work if I heard it. [18]

When did Reynardine learn how to read?Edit

A long long time ago. [19]

So, does Plush Reynardine need to eat?Edit

Nope. [20]

Surma was special, but Reynardine is not shy about how much he appreciates the looks of girls like George. Is he past liking vixens of the tailed variety? "Once you go human, you never go back"?Edit

Reynardine knows a good looking creature when he sees one. [21]

Did Reynardine chase skirts before he met Surma?Edit

Not human skirts. [22]

Do you suppose Reynardine will regret his murders, someday?Edit

He regrets them every minute of the day. [23]

Regret every minute of every day is very drastic. There must be other stuff worrying Rey, but isn't he at peace with his current situation? His current enslavement limits him but also gives him new experiences.Edit

It also gives him the opportunity to easily hide from the consequences. [24]

Does Rey like the washing machine?Edit

Not at all. [25]

Do other creatures of the forest miss Rey? Miss him for his company and not just because there's nobody sane and "nice" to keep an eye on Coyote and Ysengrinn.Edit

Yeah he left a few friends behind, but since he was always with Coyote and Ysengrin, he was one of the three boss guys. [26]

Did Reynardine want Surma to eventually take the test and become one of the forest folk? Edit

He would have been fine if she hadn't, but he also wouldn't have complained about her becoming, say, a nice vixen. Coyote could have fixed her up with a special deal. [27]

Does Reynardine have any favorites when it comes to playing with Kat's action figures?Edit

He doesn't know who any of them are but he likes the large red fellow. [28]

So before Coyote appeared Reynardine and Ysengrin were like in the medieval fables, only with humans thrown in as victims and rescuees?Edit

Sort of, yeah. [29]

Reynardine probably doesn't need to sleep, but we have seen him take naps when there's nothing for him to do. What does he do at night when Annie is sleeping? Is there some corner we haven't seen of Annie's room where they have improvised a bed for him?Edit

He does sleep, about as much as a normal dog does. The top drawer of Annie's desk is pretty much his own space.[30]

Were Reynardine and Ysengrin "immortal" before they met Coyote?Edit

Essentially, yes. [31]

In the last panel in [Chapter 27, Page 13], is it Reynardine who's speaking?Edit

Yes. [32]

Does Rey’s personality, as a fox, more closely resemble that of his personality in his teddybear form or his wolf form?Edit

It's close to both of them, really. [33]

Reynardine keeps his secrets to himself and a lot "remains to be seen". But does HE really understand why he is concerned about Annie's well being?Edit

He is concerned because he likes her. [34]

Probably been asked before, but what does the symbol on Rey's forehead on [Chapter 3, Page 22] stand for?Edit

It is the symbol for mercury. [35]

Was Reynardine ever tortured by Eglamore?Edit

Possibly. [36]

Did Reynardine ever meet Diego? I've never been sure if his commentary on the painting is based on him interpreting the paintings or personal experience. Edit

No, he never met him. [37]

When Reynardine (in Sivo's body) tells Eglamore "I almost took you, this time", does he mean he almost possessed him or just that he almost beat him?Edit

The latter. [38]

Does Rey see the world mainly etherically like Coyote and Ysengrin, or more the way the human characters see it? If he sees the physical world, is this something that changed when he left his own body behind?Edit

He sees the physical world, but looking into the ether is no more difficult for him than shifting your focus from foreground objects to background objects. [39]

Does Reynardine have paternal feelings for Annie?Edit

Possibly. [40]

Possible paternal feelings. Does that mean Reynardine is no longer making dirty jokes or dirty comments about Annie?Edit

Pretty much yeah. [41]

What is meant when Coyote and Reynardine refer to each other as "cousins", seeing as one is ageless (causeless?) while the other is only a few hundred years old?Edit

They are cousins in the mythological sense. Renard is the european equivalent of the trickster god Coyote. Kind of how the dog is a cousin to the wolf. [42]

Would Reynardine kill again in defense of a friend?Edit

Yes. [43]

What does Rey smell like?Edit

A teddy. [44]

Since he's a spirit in a stuffed toy, does Rey generate any body heat?Edit

Nope. [45]

I have a question about Coyote, Ysengrin, and Reynard: Were they once little bitty puppies/kits, or were they always ageless, god-like creatures?Edit

Ysengrin and Renard were once young. [46]

What's Reynardine´s top speed while Annie is riding? Does he ever tire?Edit

About the same as a large wolf? He doesn't tire though, and can run at different speeds depending on how large he is. [47]

Does Renardine sense something in Jack like he does in Zimmy?Edit

Yes. [48]

How come Renard and Ysengrin joined up with Coyote?Edit

They wanted to see what he was up to. [49]

Does Rey find Annie remotely attractive?Edit

Yes. [50]

Reynardine's wolf form seems to have fur and looks quite fluffy, however his seams are also visible (or at least were earlier). How would you describe his texture? Is it obvious he's a toy?Edit

It's not really obvious he's a toy if you look at him briefly. Somea areas are more flffy than others. [51]

What did rey and ysengrin do before coyote found them? Did they orignally have any powers as gods that coyote did not give them?Edit

They probably just messed around a lot. [52]

Do Reynardine and Ysengrin know many languages? If so, which ones?Edit

They know a few. It's not really relevant to list them all. [53]

In [Chapter 18, Page 19], was Reynardine more disgusted with the idea of being Annie's dad or with being Anthony CarverEdit

It was the thought of being Anthony that disgusted him more. [54]

Can Reynardine or Ysengrin perform alchemy?Edit

No [55]

How did Ysengrin and Reynardine tolerate each other?Edit

Barely [56]

Reynardine and Ysengrin seem very tense around one another when Coyote and Ysengrin came to court, were they ever friends?Edit

They weren't ever really friends, no. [57]

When did Rey usually see with Surma? When she went over to the forest, or did Rey go over to the Court on occasion?Edit

When she went to the forest [58]

on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a flick with a rubber band and 10 being unanesthetized surgery, how much pain is Rey in [in Chapter 27, Page 25]?Edit

8 [59]

Were Ysengrin and Reynardine able to perform any magic besides ether-sight before Coyote joined them?Edit

Yup [60]

Do Reynardine and Ysengrin fear Coyote at all?Edit

Yes. [61]

Can Renyardine leave the Court if Annie were to take him outside of it, or would he have to remain behind?Edit

The Court wouldn't let her take him off the grounds. [62]

You said a while ago that Reynardine outranked Ysengrin. Why was this the case?Edit

Because Coyote favoured Renard over Ysengrin, and it wasn't a secret. [63]

At what point did Reynardine start caring about Antimony's well-being, rather than just being free?Edit

They've grown to be friends. [64]

Do Ysengrin and Coyote have a loose grasp of time and/or human mortality/lifespans? Any of those would explain why they mistook Annie for Surma.Edit

They are both essentially immortal, so time passes differently for them. For Renard as well. [65]

What did Reynardine get out of hanging with Coyote in Gillitie? Was there any reason to stay?Edit

There was a very specific reason, yes. [66]

Has Reynardine heard the ballad about himself? What does he think about it?Edit

Yup. He likes it [67]

Would Reynardine have been flustered if Antimony had reacted more positively in "Adonis in stitches"? [Chapter 12, Page 28] I like to think so because it makes me laugh.Edit

Yeah that would not have been the reaction he was looking for. [68]

Do Ysengrin or Reynardine have parents?Edit

Maybe, but no. [69]

Annie's contract of ownership over ReyEdit

Most of Annie's commands Rey obeys, even when they're against his wishes, but here and here he disobeys Annie's orders to talk. Why is that the exception?Edit

Annie's current contract of control over Reynardine is only over his physical actions. So she can make him shut up, or start talking, but she can't tell him what to say or think.

As an aside, he also cannot lie to her. [70]

Rey cannot lie to Annie while inside the toy, but can he lie to other people?Edit

Yes, he can lie to others [71]

Reynardine turns into a wolf the first time without Annie's permission. Was she somehow giving him a mental command, or was he able to do it freely because it was for her benefit? Later on, he jumps in front of her to protect her from the General, again without her needing to command him.Edit

He was able to turn into the wolf because that's what he wanted to do. He can basically do anything he wants except lie to, harm or disobey Annie. She can give him a blanket statement, however, such as "Don't leave this room and don't make a sound", or "Don't kill anyone" and that will last until she tells him otherwise. [72]

If Reynardine can't lie to Annie, can he at least not tell the whole truth? Like if he saw someone with something of Annie's which was clearly stolen and she asked him if he had seen anyone steal it. Could he say that he had not seen anyone steal it without saying that he had seen someone with it?Edit

If he knew it was stolen then he would say yes, he saw it. But if he didn't know it was stolen then he could say no if he wanted. He can lie if he himself does not know the truth. [73]

If Antimony gave Reynardine permission to do something, could she immediately take it back? For example, if she told Rey that he could take a new body, could she take back permission just before he possesses somebody/something?Edit

Only while he is still in the body she owns the rights to. While he's still there she could give and take permission as much as she wanted. [74]

Can Antimony order Reynardine to possess something else? Maybe something else she owns, or whatever?Edit

Yes she could. She'd have to make sure she owned whatever he was possessing or she would lose control of him. [75]

If Annie gave Reynardine an order without any expiration ... and then permitted him to take another body, would the order still bind him or are all bets off as soon as he's no longer owned by her?Edit

The order would only continue to be valid if the new body was also owned by Annie. Otherwise he can do what he wants. [76]

Does something stolen become the thief's property? Like, if Rey were to possess the picture, would he be under Annie's orders, or the Donlan's orders?Edit

If something is taken unwillingly from the owner then Reynardine could do what he wanted, since ownership would be broken. [77]

If Annie was to freely, of her own volition and uncompelled, give her plush Reynardine-wolf to someone else (and I know that's a big if), would Reynardine be freed, or would the control over him shift to whomever Annie gave the plush wolf to?Edit

The new owner of the doll would gain ownership of Reynardine. [78]

If Reynardine tried to hurt Annie, would he freeze mid-movement or would he recoil like he had touched a live wire?Edit

Any movement made towards harming her would be cancelled. [79]

Does Reynardine still have to obey Annie's commands if he can't hear them? Like, could he get out of a command by covering his ears?Edit

Yep. [80]

If Annie was somehow wounded, could she order Reynardine to help her even if his actions would hurt her but save her life?Edit

If the goal is to make her better then it's fine. [81]

How did Anja know that Reynardine's bind was still in tact after Annie fell from the bridge? Couldn't he have faked being under Annie's control?Edit

He could have faked it, yeah. But he could also have tried to escape. [82]

Does Reynardine has to treat all Annies words, for exemple "don't call Zimmy a demon girl", as a order?Edit

It's pretty clear when a comment is an order or not. [83]

Rey's body-stealing and shape-shifting powersEdit

Reynardine can take anything with eyes. Does this include potatoes?Edit

Yes it does. [84]

Could Reynardine get into other abstract "eyes", like the represented eyes in a painting or photograph, even the eye of a needle, or would that be pushing it?Edit

If something has an eye, be it an actual eye that can see or not, then it can be used. [85]

Does whatever Rey possesses need to have a mouth for him to speak, and ears to hear? Like, if he was to take over a simple drawing of an eye, would he still be able to listen and speak?Edit

Just as Reynardine only needs a representation of eyes to jump into (not just real eyes), representations of mouths, noses, ears or whatever can also be used by him. If he jumped into a potato, for example, he couldn't speak or hear since they don't have mouths or ears. He could probably roll around though. [86]

If Rey was in a body, and it had it's eyes removed, would he be stuck in the eyes, or the body? If he was in the eyes, would he die?Edit

He'd be stuck in the body. [87]

Would he be able to escape from the body, or would he just be stuck there forever or until it dies?Edit

He would be stuck. And yes you could just draw more eyes on. [88]

If Rey tried to possess something with it's eyes blurred or crossed out, would it still work? like if someone made a picture of an eye, and then smudged it with an eraser a bit.Edit

If it's meant to be an eye in any way, then it would be valid. However, the situation you described would never really arise. [89]

If Reynardine was killed in whatever body he was possessing... would he just be discorporated into his spectral foxy demon shape, or would he take more severe damage? Is there actually any way of killing him besides not allowing him to possess another body?Edit

If he is in a body that is destroyed then he will die. Also if he is without a body for any length of time then he will also die. So a body he is jumping into has to be near enough to form a bridge between the two. Much in the same way the shadows transfer from place to place. [90]

If Reynardine can jump into anything with eyes why didn't he just jump back into Sivo?Edit

He technically could have gone back to Sivo's body, even though it was dead (it would at least last until it decomposed), but at the time, Eglamore didn't know he was able to possess anything other than a living flesh and blood body. Reynardine saw an opportunity to hide in the toy, so he took it. [91]

Can he access the thoughts/memories of something he has possessed? Or even allow whomever he has possessed control over their body once more and lay dormant within their body?Edit

He can't access any memories of a body he is in, nor can he allow the original owner control. [92]

Does Reynardine's voice change when he changes shape? Also does it change when he switches bodies?Edit

While his voice might sound a little different depending on what body he is in (for example, he would sound like a girl in a girl's body, a boy in a boy's body, etc) he will always sound like Reynardine. [93]

When Reynardine was in Sivo's body, was he capable of this same form manipulation that he is exhibiting with Annie's doll?Edit

Nah, he can't do that sort of thing with a living body. [94]

Are the conditions for Reynardine's body transferral (the eye requirement) based on any myths or legends, or is it something you just came up with yourself?Edit

I made them up. [95]

Does Reynardine's possession of someone affect their lifespan? Like, do they live longer or shorter than they normally would?Edit

Unknown. [96]

Renard... seems to use the wolf form as a default now. Did he intend to make a wolf when he took that form, or just a generic 4-legged canine?Edit

He could tell the toy he was in was meant to be a wolf, so it was more the toy that dictated the default canine shape. [97]

While inside inanimate objects, can Rey feel pain? Sorry if this has been asked before.Edit

He can, sort of. [98]

Does someone die the instant Reynardine takes over their body, or are they still conscious on some level until he exits the body?Edit

The theory is the latter, but in practice it is the former. [99]

What would happen if Reynardine tried to possess Coyote?Edit

Not much. Coyote wouldn't let him. Or maybe he would for a while if it was a laugh. [100]

If when Reynardine leaves a body, it dies, what happens when he leaves an inanimate object? Does nothing happen or does it disintegrate or something?Edit

Nothing happens to it. [101]

Is Reynardine able to repair damage to his body, similar to how he can seal his arm back up after using the lock picks?Edit

In that case he unthreaded his hand and threaded it back up again. If his skin got torn he'd have to patch it up with needle and thread. [102]

In wolf form, how big could Reynardine become?Edit

Not much bigger than when he was on page 595. [103]

Does Rey change weights when he goes from toy to wolf?Edit

Yeah, kinda. [104]

When Reynardine takes over a body, is the person still 'alive' inside? That is, can they still think and feel, but have no control over their actions?Edit

No they can't think or feel anything, but they aren't quite dead. [105]

If Renard took something else's body, could he return to the doll if he chose to?Edit

Yeah, because the toy can't die. [106]

After Renard/Reynardine posessed a human body and went into the court, would his fox body have physically died without Coyote's intervention and care?Edit

Yep. It would have grown old and starved and died. [107]

For clarification: Page 497 seems to suggest that the Mercury symbol represents the power to take bodies. Is this correct?Edit

yes [108]

Reynardine's spirit appears to be in wolf-shape (as opposed to fox-shape) while in Jack's ether-trap. Is this due to the shape of his body when he was ripped from it?Edit

It's probably more due to the fact that I can't draw that great. [109]

Is there a reason that Renard asked for possession instead of shapeshifting as a gift from Coyote, or was it just a hurried choice?Edit

It was a poor choice. [110]


How much did Reynardine change from your first conceptual idea to the current character?Edit

He's exactly the same as how I first designed him. [111]

Did you plan for your readership to be in doubt/split in half about whether Reynardine actually tried to kill Annie or if he was after the doll all along?Edit

Yep. [112]


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