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Character Information
Status: Archer
Special Ability: Archery
First Appearance: Chapter 25, Page 22

Steadman was an archer who was present during the founding of the court, as well as the time period when Gillitie Wood and the Court were separated by the Annan Waters. After the separation, Steadman sent, presumably, several letters to the forest by arrow for Jeanne to her Anwyn lover. The last of which told him to meet her in the divide three hours past midnight.

Later that night, Steadman shot the fatal arrow, which hit and killed the Anwyn. This resulted in Jeanne dying of heartbreak and becoming a ghost that guards the waters from anyone who does not use the Annan Bridge.

Old Steadman

Steadman as he appears older after dying.

In a recording at The Realm Of The Dead's library it is revealed that he died by tripping over a dog.

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