Divine is the thirty-eighth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


Zimmy is seen stumbling through her own hallucinations, suddenly running into Gamma. Zimmy then says she doesn't want to go, but Gamma convinces her someone need her help. The scene then switches to a hospital room, where Annie is in the bed, unconscious, with Kat, Robot, Rey and shadow around. Zimmy and Gamma then shows up, asking what happened to Annie.

After a short conversation Zimmy and Gamma notices that through Zimmy's hallucinations they can see a pidgeon upon Kat's head. The pidgeon speaks Kat's thoughts.

Zimmy then uses her distortions to peer into Annie's dreams. At first Annie dreams about her summer in the forest, giving a short summary of Annie In The Forest: Part 1. Then the dream shifts to when she was with Kat in the Decontamination Habitat. Simultaneously, she's using another hand to write off Kat's homework, hand hidden under the mask. When Zimmy lifts the mask, Annie finally accknowledges her, she gets the mask back and puts it on.

Zimmy then jumps into Annie's hair, at the bottom she finds A Fire Elemental pierced by five strange bony poles, holding the mask. It all fades back to the hospital room, but Zimmy can still see the bones, now sticking out of Annie's chest and high up, into a darkened coid in the ceiling. When Zimmy touches the bones she can tell her dad is somehow related to these bones.

Zimmy then says she can stop whatever it is her dad is doing and draws herself deep into the dream. As she pulls further she spots Anthony's sillhouette in the distance. The area is then filled with fire, as she draws near. When she's close enough she punches the sillhouette straight in the cheak.

Zimmy snaps back to the hospital room again, but this time, she's outside her own body. Her body's still sitting on the bed by Annie, while Kat watches. She tries to talk to Kat, but then Jack shows up, similar to the nobodies in Zimmyngham. Jack grabs Zimmy and just holds her, until another Jack shows up behind her, this one looking more like Jack himself did when he was insane. He says he's in love with her. Annie then shows up, wearing the mask calling her a deranged psychopath, Zimmy retorts by telling Annie her dad's a jerk.

Annie then grabs Zimmy and throws her away. Zimmy snaps completely out of the dream. She's even hurled across the room in reality as well. Kat then asks what happened, to which Zimmy panics, begging Kat not to touch her. Saying she terrifies her because of the way she looks to her. Gamma appears and hugs Zimmy tight as Kat asks what she looks to her. A single page of a strange metallic creature follows on the next page.

Zimmy and Gamma fades away, Kat wakes up on the hospital bed. Annie is also awake. The two catch up and it is revealed that they both dreamt the previous events of the chapter, or think they did. The final pages of the chapter shows Zimmy and Gamma walking away and discussing the events that just occured.

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Notes and Trivia

Dream Symbolism

  • The ring of teeth around her arm symbolises the wristband Coyte gave her, that could snip off her arm.
    • Kamlen putting a finger under the wristband symbolises him giving her the wrap around her arm to hide it.
  • Jones giving her a mask symbolises when Jones gave Annie her makeup.
  • Taking off her mask, laying it over her cheating hand and crying in Kat's arms probably symbolises her feeling from that day on that she need have no secrets for Kat, except the cheating.



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