Antimony "Annie" Carver (/ˈæntɨməni/, AN-ti-moh-nee), the protagonist and primary narrator of the story, is a student at Gunnerkrigg Court, where she has a multitude of fantastic, mysterious, and otherwise strange experiences.


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00000037 antimony necklace

Annie's Pendant, given to her by her mother.

Antimony is considered a red head in the Gunnerverse, although the actual color is closer to pink. She usually wears purple eyeshadow and pale beige lipstick in the same way her mother did. Throughout the comic's storyline, she has worn various outfits consisting of blouses, dresses and long skirts. She seems to favor blues, as she has been seen wearing several articles of clothing in this colour.

In her first year at Gunnerkrigg Court she showed Katerina a pendant in the form of the alchemical symbol for the metal antimony hanging from a necklace, explaining that her mother Surma gave it her. She always wears this pendant. Since being injured[3] by the ghost near the Annan Waters, Annie's appearance in the Etherium has sported a cut on her left cheek.


Antimony is generally calm and collected, however, as she ages from a little girl to a young woman over the course of the comic, her personality is revealed to be one with many facets.

From the very beginnings of the story, she is shown to be very brave and undeterred by the supernatural or fantastic. For example, her reaction to the discovery that she had been followed by a living shadow, stumbled upon an angry minotaur, or found herself face to face with a wounded dragon is to politely introduce herself and offer to help them with their troubles. However, when it comes interactions with everyday people, this is where she seems fall short.

She spent most of her childhood in solitude, with no one of her own age and no friends but the Psychopomps to spend her days with. And with the perceived betrayal of the Psychopomps after her mother's death, combined with her absent father; she became much more self-reliant and closed off to everyone around her. It is only when Kat Donlan had taken the initiative to befriend her upon her arrival at the court, that Antimony Carver's more complex side comes to surface. Antimony, now Annie, is shown to be much more open and emotive around Kat, but only around Kat, for a time. Around other children, she came off as cold and a bit of an "ice queen",ironically enough. Her social skills have significantly improved as time has gone on.

Despite her stoic demeanor she has been shown to lose her temper occasionally.[4] It's been stated that this more aggressive side of her partially stems from her Fire Elemental heritage.

Since the return of her father to the Court, Antimony has shown signs of being emotionally unbalanced, due to the man's sudden return and meddling in her life. She uses her Blinker Stone temporarily project her aggressive, fire elemental side away from her passive, calmer side as a means to cope. Her passive side would regularly demonstrated an in-deference to her father's return and actions, while her aggressive side showed a deep, unyielding fury towards her father. Following Ysengrin's intervention, Antimony returned to her normal self, but appears to be more open and emotive since the experience.

She likes older books, folk music, and has an interest in biology, history and mythology.


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Fire Symbolism

Annie blinkerstone

Annie and her blinker stone.

The comic often associates Antimony (and Surma) with fire in various forms. Chapter 16 flashes back to Antimony's childhood in Good Hope Hospital, where her mother asks her to intervene on behalf of the spirit of a boy who died after setting his house on fire. Antimony, terrified of the image of a room in flames, remembers her mother's words and finds the courage to bring the boy's spirit back into the real world.

Similar imagery is echoed later in the story: Chapter 24, Page 31 shows Antimony surrounded by the illusionary fire of her blinker stone, fooling adults into believing the trees of Young's Park are burning.

Other references

Coyote refers to her as "Fire Head Girl", while Reynardine tells her she has "a fire" in her, a fire that belonged to her mother. Coyote also refers to Surma as "fiery".

In Chapter 31, Page 32, it is revealed by Coyote that Antimony and her mother are descendants of a fire elemental, explaining the parallels. This has also affected her emotions, as Coyote describes.

In Chapter 44, Page 22, Antimony ignites herself and uses her powers to help Ysengrin and fend off attackers in the forest, addressing them in a form very similar to that of the fire elemental seen by Zimmy in Chapter 38, Page 15.


Annie has a natural gift with and attraction for ghosts, gods, spirits, and other beings of the etherium, a trait she likely inherited from, her mother Surma. Like her mother, she is naturally able to see and speak to the psychopomps.[5]

Annie ether

Annie looking into the Ether

After acquiring a blinker stone, she gained the ability to look into and manipulate the ether to a point. She normally uses her stone to generate or manipulate fire, an ability that seems to come easily to her.[6] With her thoughts, she can will the fire she makes burn some things, but not others, or make it undetectable to others.[7]

Later, Coyote taught her use her blinker stone to use the ether to telekinetically move objects outside of her reach.[8] Antimony has been seen using this ability several times, such as when she pushed a boat, opened a door from the other side, or lifted a rope.[9][10][11] She can also use the stone to sometimes see if other people have etheric abilities. [12]

Her abilities steadily increased to the point where she wouldn't need the stone at all.[13] After Ysengrin destroyed her blinker stone, she learned how to reach into the ether without it.[14][15]

She can also speak several different languages, other than English, she can speak a little Polish, Spanish, and Ancient Egyptian.[16] It could be inferred that she learned many of these from her conversations with the Psychopomps.[17]



  • Antimony's name comes from the eponymous chemical element, a poisonous silvery-grey metal frequently extracted from the ore Stibnite. Also of note is that Annie's mother's name, Surma, is the word for antimony in several Slavic languages.
    • The antimony element was used by ancient egyptians as the eye cosmetic Kohl. Kohl was mostly used as a cosmetic for women, and it was believed that it could protect children from the curse of the "Evil Eye".[18] This could possibly be the reason why Antimony wore so much eye makeup.
    • Antimony compounds are also used to make flame-proofing materials.
  • The word Antimony comes from the Greek words anti and monos, which together mean "not alone."[19]


Antimony symbols

"Just who are you anyway?!"

Annie is identified by several symbols in-comic.

  • The alchemical symbol for the metal antimony, is used to refer to Annie herself, as seen in several treatises and in Chapter 47. This symbol was used to mark her control over Reynardine.
  • Her fire elemental symbol usually appears whenever someone mentions that part of herself or she summons it herself.
  • Since becoming the forest medium, she has also been associated with the symbol of the forest.


  • Annie can't sing.
  • Tom imagines her voice to be similar to Kate Rusby's just without any slang or colloquialisms.[20]
  • She was named after her great-grandmother, Antimony.[21]


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